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יעוץ יוסף מגד
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We advise clients in every aspect of their life. Work includes personal issues: marriage, divorce, health, emotional habits and more.  We do this using an insight approach based on decades of counseling experience.  Please find our articles at yosefmeged.wordpress.com.

The work also includes guidance in overseeing the client's relationships with their outside professionals such as financial advisers, lawyers, medical care providers.  

We will ensure that you have the correct professionals and that you are properly guiding them so that their work is efficiently directed to satisfying your needs.

We have particular strength in working with multiple generations of a family and across individual households of that family. The contact with Yosef Meged Consulting is maintained through an individual family member or your family office.

Yosef Meged Consulting works with clients worldwide primarily in the US and Israel. Meetings are conducted face to face, through Skype and phone. 

Face to face meetings take place in the client's home area or, as needed, in Israel.  

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