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יעוץ יוסף מגד
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Yosef Meged Consulting is highly personalized and rigorously private. Typically, we are called in when leadership has identified a crisis. This being, for example, the death or health crisis of a key figure or the failure of a project.

We begin from the understanding that businesses are made up of human beings interacting with human beings.  As such, we work with key leaders to maximize the value they bring to the business and minimize the risk they pose to the business.

We help clients understand how their personal life is impacting their business.  We do this using an insight approach based on decades of counseling experience.  Please find our articles at yosefmeged.wordpress.com.

We guide clients to solutions in those areas of pressure where aspects of family and business are interfering with each other. This is of particular relevance in family businesses. 

We assess current business issues and assets. We set meaningful, achievable goals. We provide personal and measurable feedback.

Yosef Meged Consulting works with businesses and nonprofits. We interact with leaders and staff as mentor or coach. We advise clients in:  

  • strategic planning
  • leadership development
  • succession planning
  • fund raising
  • new business development
  • organizational structure
  • service provider management

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