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יעוץ יוסף מגד
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Yosef Meged Consulting is the personal service element of Kehillat Ohel Moed. We advise clients in every aspect of their life. Our work has a spiritual base. We understand that in our personal and business lives coming from the place of truth and faith creates a solid base for our relationships. That faith base is not particularly religious.  As our work progresses, the clients regain faith in themselves. 

Yosef Meged Consulting is highly personalized and rigorously private.  We set meaningful, achievable goals. The process continues with careful understanding of problems. Once identified the base of each problem is addressed and a new path forward created.  We do this using an insight approach built on decades of counseling experience.   Please find our articles at yosefmeged.wordpress.com.

Yosef Meged Consulting ® 1954 First Street Suite 171
Highland Park,IL 60035
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